Provost Building Services Coronavirus Prevention:

Provost Building Services has been on top of this pandemic from the start and will continue to be there for our customers as we navigate safely through. We have the training, equipment and dedicated team members to disinfect and sanitize your business, while strictly following CDC guidelines. Provost Building Services is well positioned to assist you in putting together an effective disinfecting program for your facility.

Routine Cleaning (For Current Customers)

All of our cleaning now includes use of disinfectant cleaners. These products are used on everything we clean, each time we clean at no added cost.

Options For You

Not included in regular cleaning specs (additional cost)

Enhanced Disinfecting Program

We will design a detailed disinfecting program for your facility by how it is now occupied; high touchpoint disinfecting of light switches, door handles, fridge handles, desk tops, keyboards/mouse, drinking fountain handles, elevator buttons, hand railings, vending machine buttons, upholstered/hard back office chairs, lobby furniture and more. We can add cleaning days to your exhausting routine as well.

Emergency Disinfecting Services

If an employee gets sick, we can be dispatched to come to your facility and disinfect all areas of concern. This can be done quickly, safely and non-alarming to your employees. We are a phone call away!

Disinfecting Stations

We can secure and deliver disinfectant supplies and set up stations throughout your facility so your employees have easy access to products to disinfect their personal workstations throughout the work day.

Why Choose Us

We Will Make Absolutely Any Office Provost Clean, polished and reflect a professional image!

• Staff and supervisors are well trained on how to clean and disinfect safely

• We wash our hands as we enter your office and before we leave

• We use protective gloves while cleaning

• Wearing of face masks required at all times

• Ask to not come into work if anyone feels sick

We Are Committed

Our goal is to provide our clients with a consistent and thorough service every time we clean.


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Provost Building Services is a commercial cleaning company that offers a variety of services throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

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