Employees of the Month

Thank you to our Employees of the Month for December

Provost Building Services is thankful to have a team working hard behind the scenes to make your office, clinic, building or facility Provost Clean.

Tiffany and Javier

Tiffany and Javier have been with Provost Building Services for a long time and we would not be where we are as a business without these two all stars. They run their own services with Provost Cleaning in Minneapolis and we cannot be more proud of them this year.  You have always gone above standards and you continue to show us your quality of work each week. 

Construction Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN – St. Paul, MN – Twin Cities Metro Area

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany (pictured left) is our Construction Cleaning Project Manager at Provost Building Services. She has been working extra hard with her team maintaining a busy schedule, week after week. Our construction customers have been very happy with their high quality of work.

Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN – St. Paul, MN – Twin Cities Metro Area

Meet Javier

Javier (pictured right)  is our Project Manager at Provost Building Services and he has wrapped up a busy season of Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care for our customers around the Twin Cities Metro Area. Javier is a true professional and a big player on our team. We are very fortunate to have him.

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Provost Building Services

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