Introducing Work INSPECT-ing

Scheduled Mobile Inspections to Measure, Track & Report REAL Levels of Cleanliness

More than just an innovative quality control software and easy-to-use janitorial inspection app, CleanQC will quickly become your favorite tool.

You’ll love being able to create inspections by simply choosing a bid or building type and your inspectors will love how easy it is to check the cleaning in buildings with a mobile app that works even they’ve lost the WiFi signal. That’s right, they can keep inspecting; CleanQC saves their data and automatically ‘syncs’ it when they’re back online.

Days of paper and time consuming building cleaning inspections are over… we will soon use on-site, mobile inspecting App. 

We are excited to share this with you!

Measure, Track and Report (Inspections)

– Cleaning inspections performed by a supervisor
– Cleanliness is looked at and graded in each area of your facility

 – Inspectors will appreciate how easy it is to ‘take and save’ digital photos of cleaning problems they notice when checking buildings, and to include detailed notes.

– We will also be able to add comments and another other questions that can be addressed sooner than later. Allows for quick corrections.

– Areas shown and items checked reflect your facility
– Adhering to inspection schedule creates consistency

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