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VCT Floor Care at an Animal Control Facility in St. Paul, MN

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VCT Cleaning and Refinishing

A multi step process that will have your floors shining like new. Provost has the tools and skillset for all of your VCT Cleaning needs in Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area.

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Tips For Maintaining VCT Floors

Proper matting: You can use walk-off mats at all entryways to help keep floors clean and dry longer.

Recoating: Depending on VCT maintenance or the amount of foot traffic at the facility, it is a good idea to periodically re-coat the VCT finish.

Routine maintenance: Keep your floors Provost Clean – routinely strip off the wax that has built-up from repeated maintenance in order to apply a fresh finish. 

Scrubbing pads: Remember to use the appropriate scrubbing pad for regular VCT maintenance. 

VCT or Vinyl Composition Tile in Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area

VCT or Vinyl Composition Tile is a very frequently used type of flooring in commercial businesses, and as such we’ve built a strong knowledge on how to achieve a deep clean and shiny finish. 

With Provost we start with an inspection to determine the best cleaning product for the job. Our skilled and accomplished professionals, as well as our exceptional tools of the trade make sure the job is done to your 100 percent satisfaction.

Provost for VCT Cleaning and Refinishing

An Attention to Detail
Latest Equipment
High Shine
25% Solid Finish

VCT Floorcare

Maintain Cleanliness
Enhance Overall Appearance of your Workplace
Easy to Maintain and Harder to Damage
Save Time and Money when
Done Right
Keep Moisture off the Floors


Provost Building Services Inc.

Provost Building Services is a commercial cleaning company that offers a variety of services throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

When you hire Provost Cleaning, you hire supervision; the key ingredient for achieving a job well done.

We WANT to be taken for granted.

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